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How to Book

You can contact me by phone on 07738 228628, by email ( by Facebook or use the enquiry form on this web site.
Please note that I do get many advanced bookings so I advise you to book and reserve your date with a deposit as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

1. Have your date, venue and playing times ready...give me a call.
2. We can chat; I'll recommend a suitable set up and give you a quote.
3. If you decide to book I require a minimum £100 deposit to reserve the date for you.  I will give you a confirmation letter with your booking details and my accounts system will send you an invoice which also acts as a receipt for all payments that you make.
4. Have a think about your music preferences and the style and feel of your event, plus anything extra such as niche music or unusual items.  We can have a chat about this at some point before your event or we can finalise the details over email, text, Facebook etc.
5. The balance of your booking is due 10 weeks before the big day. This is detailed in your confirmation letter and I send a reminder too.

THE LONG VERSION (worth a read if you have time)
Please take a look at my Services to decide which products and services you require. Feel free to give me a call for a chat about any special requirements.
I also recommend that you have a quick read of the booking advice below as this contains useful information and may save you from falling into one or two common traps regarding venues and entertainment.
Once you are ready, please contact me with details about your event (date, venue and playing times are essential) plus any special requirements and I will check for availability and give you a quote.

If you decide to book with me I will email you with details of your booking and how to pay the deposit to reserve your date.
I require a deposit of £100 to reserve DJ dates or if you are booking the dance floor it is £150. This can be paid online and I provide you with written confirmation detailing your booking, along with a receipt for your deposit, which is updated with all further payments.
The balance of your booking is due 10 weeks before your event.

If your event takes place within 10 weeks I require full payment to reserve the date.

I have all certificates and insurance that your venue will require.  There is a copy of them here for you to view or download. 
For your peace of mind I am a member of the National Association of DJs ( who among other things can provide cover in an emergency. Please don't worry, in over 10 years I have never let anyone down on a booking.

I will be happy to meet up or have a chat with you to finalise the details of your event such as music preferences, timings and other features. This can take place any time after you book although with weddings it is usually better nearer to the big day as most of the arrangements have been then confirmed.  I also have an email form for this if you would prefer.

Cancellations and Refunds

Should you need to cancel your booking please let me know as early as possible.
If your booking is more than 16 weeks away I will generally be happy to refund your deposit.
Cancellations within 16 weeks will only be refunded if I get a replacement booking for that date.
All refunds are at my discretion to allow for unusual conditions.

Booking Advice
As I attend many parties and celebrations, I often experience clients having problems with their venue or arrangements during their event.
This is often due to certain venue policies not being brought to the clients attention at the time of booking, so here are a few brief tips on things to check when you book your event.

Just like us DJs, venues vary in price verses what they offer or will allow you to do so make sure that the type of event you wish for is possible by checking on details such as their operating hours (including arriving and setting up/packing down), the number of staff attending to your party (especially on the bar as many scrimp on that!), parking facilities and options for your guests to stay overnight (at various budgets and even if it's nearby) are considered.  I'm sure there's more and it all sounds obvious, but once you have paid your deposit.....suddenly those 2 bar staff not able to serve all of your guests without a 15 minute wait, or only room for 15 cars, or you only have 30 mins to clear the whole room of your beautiful decorations can ruin a well planned event.
Please ensure that your venue allows a minimum of 1 hour for a DJ to set up and the same to pack down. More time is required if you also have other products booked such as a Dance Floor or Uplighting etc. Ideally I like to allow extra set up time so that I don't have to rush and have time to deal with any issues or delays.  Packing down is always much quicker :0)
Please, please, please check that your venue will allow you to have the music as loud as you require......even if you don't want it too loud!  Some venues have residential complaints or have sound limiters that cut off the power at a certain volume. You may not want it really loud but I have played at parties where the talking on the dance floor is louder than the music and the clients have not been allowed to turn it up, making it hard to create a party atmosphere.  It's such a shame to book extra equipment from me when we are not allowed to use it!
Most people and venues misunderstand the proper use of haze machines so they simply say "No, I don't want smoke" or "It sets the fire alarm off".
My advice......if you want a really good light show, book a venue that will allow a little haze to be used

If you really crave a nightclub atmosphere then haze is essential!

I have very expensive lighting fixtures that look amazing with a little haze in the air. Without it you can't see the light beams....just dots on the floor and walls.....why did I bring those lights and set them up??
Haze is harmless water vapour and it only requires a little in the air to make the lighting effective and worth buying and programming and setting up etc. etc.
If you think about it... all professional theatres and music venues are equipped to allow haze machines to be used. That's why the lighting looks so awesome at concerts! Sadly most event venues just find it easier to say no.......they don't even bother to give it any thought.
If your venue will not allow the use of haze machines; and you don't mind that..... save your money and book the smaller lighting rig which is easier to set up and has a similar effect without smoke (and saves me some work too!)

So now I've finished my little rant.....the photos below show the difference between haze.... and "no haze allowed".
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